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Africa is one of the largest continents in the world at over 30 million square kilometers. Just to put this into perspective. Africa is larger than China, India, The United States, and most of Europe… combined! That’s a pretty large place. If you imagine all the things to do and travel in those other countries, even the United States alone, then you’ll have a little idea of what can be done in Africa. There is a tremendous amount of diversity. We’re going to tell you a few of our little favorites, and we hope you enjoy them.


When you think of Morocco, you don’t always think of Africa, but it is definitely an African country. Morocco has a bit of a medieval feel to it, and in places you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. When you go to Morocco you must visit Djemma el Fna in Marrakech, which is a massive street market. This is where you’ll see everything from snake charmers to merchants selling hand woven rugs. When evening comes, chefs and magical food appear. Definitely an experience not to be missed. You can also visit Ait Benhaddou, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, that will show you how people the early days lived. Houses with fortified walls and towers. We always love stepping back in time and seeing how the cultures evolved. Another great not-to-be-missed event is the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music. This Festival gathers some of the best musicians in all of Africa in one place. It is just amazing.

Cabo Verde 

These African islands are off the coast of West Africa. About 600 km out. There is lush vegetation, volcanoes, and amazingly white beaches. The best part is that it is not covered in tourists. This is one of those secret destinations that people have. One of the islands here, Santiago, is most well-known for Darwin landing there and taking some inspiration for the famous book on evolution. Tourists are catching up to the secret place however, so it’s best to be seen soon. If you want to climb white sand dunes, and swim with turtles, and walk cobblestone streets, and do it all in geat weather, this is the place to go

The Namib Desert, Namibia 

If you want to see the desert like it is in the movies, this is the place to go. The landscape is breath taking. You can camp in Bungalows on stilts on the dunes and look out over a vast desert. Another great place to explore in this area is Swakopmund, a seaside resort town. This has great beaches and lots of adventurous things to do. It also hosts a lot of extreme water sports for those of you that like to push the edge. This is a good base to use when visiting the deserts and everything else in the surrounding areas. They have some great restaurants here as well, so you won’t have to wait to find an Oasis.

Ivory Coast

From the beautiful grass-covered mountains of internationally famed Mount Nimba in the north of the country to the beautiful lagoons and slamming Atlantic waves in the south of the country, there are plenty of stunning things to see in the Ivory Coast. Make sure not to miss the misty rain forests where wild chimps live in the western sections of the country to the almost never-ending plantations of cocoa and plantains on the eastern side, the Ivory Coast showcases avery large chunk of West Africa. Make sure to research your Ivory Coast visa online before going to make sure the requirements needed depending on where you’re from.


Botswana has been the premier safari destination for years. You can take a canoe tour and view the wildlife from the water. There are lodges and safari camps all over, as Botswana has been the hotbed for safaris for a very long time. Bring your camera and take back a lot of memories. Hopefully not one of a hippo charging you.

This is barely anything for what you can do in Africa. There are many countries and many places that are spectacular. We suggest you do your research to make sure you’re in a safe location. Most of Africa is very safe and beautiful, with a long historical culture. Nothing says bucket list like a Jungle Safari.