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Preparing for the unexpected while traveling can involve a lot of steps. It might mean stashing an extra bathing suit, bringing a bag of your favorite coffee or packing an umbrella. However, it should also include plans in case you experience more serious events while abroad, such as injury or sickness.

Dealing with an injury is enough of a hassle when facing it at home. When burdened with a crisis in an unfamiliar place, it can be scary and overwhelming. That’s why it is important to have a strategy and other insurances in order to reduce anxiety and increase preparedness if and when injury occurs.

What Is Travelers Insurance?

When it comes to covering your bases, travelers insurance has your back for a number of mishaps, from lost luggage to cancelled flights to sickness and injury. It can be beneficial for any business traveler or vacationer to explore coverage options. In terms of personal injury, investing in a travelers policy could protect you from incidents that might not be covered by your existing medical plan.

In Case of Emergency

If you get hurt while traveling, you might not initially recognize the severity. How do you know if you need professional medical attention? Minor injuries occur in our daily lives all the time and are often self-treatable. Scraping your knees while hiking can likely be fixed with a few bandages. However, seeking immediate medical attention is especially important if you have experienced a significant event, such as a car accident or assault. Any occurrence in which you may need to file charges or enlist the help of a legal professional should be treated as an emergency.

Another instance when you may consider visiting a hospital or urgent care is in the event of illness. More concerning health issues, such as a high fever or signs of food poisoning, are worth visiting a doctor. However, a minor headache or the common cold could be alleviated by taking it easy for a day or two. Always assess your physical symptoms and other aspects of the situation in order to execute the best plan of action.

Still not sure about the best way to approach a travel injury? Check out this infographic on how and when to receive treatment, as well as prevention tips to avoid injuries in the first place.

Author bio: Donald J. Nolan is a nationally acclaimed lawyer and founder of Nolan Law Group, which has become one of the nation’s most prestigious and well-recognized plaintiff firms. In the area of aviation law, Nolan has represented the rights of victims and families in air disasters around the world. His work has led to the redesign of several safety systems and defective components of major commercial and general aviation aircraft.

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